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pixies by Lepas pixies :iconlepas:Lepas 263 42 Black and Orange by B1nd1 Black and Orange :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 594 99
Poem for my Mother
May your hair grey and grey but never fall out
and the ones that do fall, may they grow back
thicker than ever.  May you never have to see
your scalp in the mirror again.
May your eyes heal, nearsighted farsighted,
it’s 20/20 for you.  May you see things you’ve
never seen.  May you see things you’ve never
wanted to see.  May they haunt you.  May they
change you.
May the world conform to your beliefs, then.
May your sons never have sickened and balded,
never have cried to the wretched clumps of hair
on their pillows in the lonely morning.  May your
husband not get angry from the little things,
don’t touch those papers, don’t pour that tea, don’t
eat before I’m sitting and have been served.
May your daughter not have collapsed on the
porch where you could not be, may you not have
had to drive 7 hours to see her body on white
white sheets.  May she not have seen your love and
hated you
:iconliterary-device:literary-device 1 9
HD - I just love you by Uberzers HD - I just love you :iconuberzers:Uberzers 2,417 501 Elements by B1nd1 Elements :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 1,293 181
A Civil War Essay
The Civil War
By: Nellie Melton
The war began when a bunch of people in the lower hemisphere of Americaland were ticked off at the ones above them because they ate all the pizza. What really used a straw to break a camel's back though was when Lincoln was voted to be the president. South Carolina was all "AW HELL NAW," and separated from the Union. Then, all the other states down there were all "Hey, let's jump on the bandwagon too!" And so they did. However, the Union was going "OH NO YOU DI'INT", so they started the war. This made people generally upset.
The first major battle of the war was when Lincoln was trying to open a jar of pickles. Then, the SECOND major battle of the war was called "The Battle of Bull" or something along the lines of that. This battle was important because a lot of people lost and it made the North and South realize that THIS IS A FREAKIN' WAR AND OF COURSE IT'S NOT GOING TO END RIGHT AWAY. THEY NEVER DO. Unless it's the Seven Day's War, in which Sadako fou
:iconspookydoom:spookydoom 218 177
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spirit detective + co
yuyu hakusho is a story about boys who have a lot of feelings! that they can only express with their fists!!!

this design is available as a charm over in my etsy!


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Dark-transparancy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
saw u at nimenext- coool
chillinchikjw Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012   General Artist
HAYYYY!!!! Fem Hulk/ Korra/ Neko Jasmine here Thanks for art trading with me I love my lil print I hope I'll see at animenext again next year and hopefully have a table XD dont forget to watch me awesome pics are up and more are coming soon
oceanlol Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student
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Confirming receipt of your artists alley application. Will be in touch after the application period closes on 3/31/12. Thanks and pony on! ^_^ Looking forward
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Hey! I'm the person whose face you put on a Buizel at Youmacon today! Thank you so much for it!
wonkyKrystol Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HEY :D Its the alive aradia from youmacon that got a portrait drawn by you! (its flarping amazing, by the way)
Just poking in to say hi! (:
toeorchestra Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
cool works :iconflowerdanceplz: also cool seeing you at Otakon.
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Very cool seeing your arts at Otakon :heart:
saffronscarf Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
REL what is up!!
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an't believe I actually found you via Homestuck, only to realize I hadn't been following you before! So- I am now. :)
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